What kind of clients do you enjoy working with?

People who know what they want, who want to build partnerships and who get real satisfaction from delivering sustainable change.

What led you to Catalyst?

A realisation that while I was enjoying using some well developed commercial skills, I was no longer enjoying the environment in which I was using them. This led to an ambition to use these in a more meaningful context.

What would you most like to change?

I'd love to see more belief in the possibility of change itself. We can make the weather, not just put up more umbrellas!

What drives you mad?

How long have you got? Disconnected small scale initiatives, a focus on process rather than outcomes, and incurious people. Oh, and lift music, and supermarket queues, and people who creep forward while waiting at red traffic lights.

What's your favourite quote?

I've got dozens that I've been inspired by - see to the right. But I've always liked, "Don't wish it was easier. Wish you were better." (Jim Rohn)

Who's inspired you recently?

I loved listening to Aidan Halligan at a conference I was at recently. "Our lives begin to end when we start to be silent about the things that matter" was a particularly memorable challenge.

What's best about what you do?

Seeing the "light bulb" moments when people finally understand something and determine to do something about it!

John Hattam
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